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Meet the Founder


Lance Kearse is the founder of Kaptainplantit. Before focusing on helping others with their health issues, Lance suffered from a health issue of his own. He was unknowingly born with Sickle Cell Trait which is a hereditary blood condition that is induced when the body is placed under rigorous demands. Since Lance took a liking to sports, he was under constant rigorous demands. 

As a child, there were little mishaps here and there, but nothing alarming. For the most part, it didn't pose a threat. That is until later in his teen years. At 18 (2007), Freshman year of college Lance's kidney was nearly compromised during preseason training with elevated CK levels from Rhabdomyolsis. The condition plagued his athletic career by limiting skill development from lack of practice time. After another threat of a compromised kidney, the following year, and frustrations stemming from it, Lance left the team with advice from doctor to play sports again. 

With a school transfer and his resilience to settle, Lance began to correct is medical condition with the aid from the school's medical staff and his own approach to health. His health began to make a turn for the better which lead him to win Player of the year in the SSC conference in division 2 basketball. He was also a Division 2 All American and led all scores and the Division 2 all star game with 24 points in just 19 minutes of play. Shortly after, Lance Played Professional basketball in Spain and was in invited to the NFL Mini Camp with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Along the path of figuring out what was best for him in his situation with sickle cell trait, Lance was able to figure out natural remedies and modalities to not only help himself, but also help others suffering from health issues other than sickle cell as well. This is the birth of Kaptainplantit.